Save Your Business from Unintentional TCPA Violations

TCPA prohibits the use of auto-dialers and pre-recorded messaging, including SMS messages, when calling or messaging wireless devices without the express written consent of the called party. Industry best practices are enabling companies to help mitigate TCPA compliance risk without sacrificing operational efficiency by using the most current, complete, and accurate wireline and wireless data available. Because this data is constantly changing, companies need to correctly verify both the current phone type and subscriber before auto-dialing any phone number.

Neustar Verification for TCPA is a service that helps clients mitigate risk and improve operational efficiencies by verifying the linkages between a consumer’s name, phone number, valid consent and other attributes that provide insights on who to call or text and the phone numbers that present the most risk.

Verify wireless phone numbers and subscribers in real time
Instantly verify whether a specific phone number is wireless or wireline to learn if TCPA regulations apply – and verify the identity of the current subscriber to determine if they are the same party who provided you with consent.

Leverage the most accurate, up-to-date data available
Our TCPA Verification solutions are powered by the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date data in the industry, updated every 15 minutes from over 250 sources, including the nation’s leading telecommunications service providers.

Improve CRM accuracy and right-party contact rates
Use our accurate subscriber data to update your CRM records and improve communications efficiency. Improve right-party contact rates in collections.

Track phone numbers ported from wireline to wireless service
Our basic service provides subscription access to up-to-date ASCII files listing all phone numbers that have been ported between wireline and wireless service providers. The data available through this service does not verify current subscribers.


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Client Success

Collections Company + TCPA Verification Solutions

A leading collections company used our TCPA verification solutions to mitigate compliance risk, plus make outbound dialing more efficient.

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