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Financial Services and Insurance

Stay in compliance with government regulations while mitigating your fraud exposure.

Financial services institutions are required to comply with volumes of regulations related to how they operate. Trying to balance a frictionless customer experience while guarding against staying compliant with rules and laws can be challenging. You want to encourage your customers to take advantage of the convenience of self-service digital interactions, while you benefit from the operational efficiencies that provides. But with the constant threat of fraud lurking out there, knowing who's a legitimate customer and who's not, in real time, can mean the difference of millions in revenue.

Our Risk and Fraud solutions feature the industry’s most comprehensive identity resolution, which helps mitigate your exposure because you’ll have authoritative insights into who is on the other end of every interaction and transaction. In fact, our identity resolution is so strong it’s one of the main reasons our client list includes each of the Top 10 U.S. banking institutions. We can also provide your call centers with the most accurate information, updated in near real-time, so your organization doesn’t unintentionally break TCPA laws by contacting someone you aren’t supposed to, which could potentially open up your company to fines and penalties. One partner, multiple solutions, the complete package for your organization.


Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Confidently conduct online business by knowing who’s on the other end of the interaction.

The customer journey has changed dramatically over the course of the digital age, especially for retailers and CPG companies. The days of customers buying the vast majority of products in-store is shifting, and online shopping is becoming more of the norm. With that, there are now more consumer channels, devices and outlets for you to reach them and them to find you, raising your risk profile.

By taking advantage of our unparalleled and trusted identity resolution, you can confidently know who is on the end of every transaction, reducing your risk of fraud. In addition, our compliance solutions ensure you don’t accidentally violate TCPA regulations when contacting consumers, shielding your company from the potential for fines and penalties that climb into the millions. You can also mitigate your compliance risks by employing our IP Intelligence to ensure you stay current with any geographic restrictions related to your online sales.



Increase your right-party contact rates while keeping your TCPA risk low.

Properly identifying the correct debtor is one of the most important aspects of your business. Make the right connection and your odds of collecting increase dramatically for repayment. Contact the wrong person and there’s zero chance on collection and, even worse, you open yourself up to legal action for not remaining compliant with TCPA regulations.

With Neustar Verification, you get the most comprehensive and up-to-date customer contact data that’s refreshed every 15 minutes from over 250 sources, combined with unparalleled coverage of wireless, VoIP and nonpublic numbers. Our service helps clients mitigate risk and improve operational efficiencies by verifying the linkages between a consumer’s name, phone number, valid consent and other attributes that provide insights on who to call or text and the phone numbers that present the most risk. You can instantly verify whether TCPA guidelines apply to a wireless or wireline as well as the identity of the subscriber.



Power your contact center with real-time customer contact data to remain TCPA compliant.

With lawsuits are on the rise over violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, it's more important than ever that your call center has the correct data when making outreach calls to your customers. When it comes to utilities, it's important to understand what forms of auto-dialing communications are exempt, what requires prior consent, and what requires express written consent.

Neustar can help you navigate the myriad rules and regulations governed by the TCPA, ensuring you don't commit any unintentional violations and run the risk of someone taking legal action against you. In this recorded TCPA webinar, we dive deep into all the potential risks lurking out there for utilities and how Neustar can help you stay in compliance.



When your patients’ privacy rights and medical records are on the line, don’t leave anything to chance.

With consumer data constantly changing, the ability to make the correct connection has become increasingly challenging. In the U.S. alone, there are roughly 30 million phone, phone number, phone carrier, address and name changes every year. And when your “consumers” are patients and the information you’re talking about is their healthcare history and records, it’s crucial to verify all outbound calls are going to the right person or your risk violating HIPAA laws and government regulations that could result in fines or other legal action. And for inbound calls, you can deliver a superior customer experience when the correct patient’s information quickly pops up at your contact center.

Neustar has the industry-leading solutions that allow you to manage consumer identity across your entire organization. Our OneID system combines fractional identifiers from more authoritative sources than any of our competitors, giving you incredibly accurate consumer profiles that are updated in real-time. This means you’ll own the best Risk mitigation and TCPA compliance solution available, you’ll increase your outbound right-party contact rates and improve the customer experience with your contact center.


Travel & Hospitality

Take proactive steps to lower fraud risk, improve operational efficiency and customer service communications when accepting payments for trips, flights and rooms.

There's no denying it — the travel industry is a prime target for online fraud. Every time a fraudulent transaction takes place, it cuts into your profit margins. And no group is immune: hotels, airlines, cruise lines, car rental, and travel agencies all are targets to thieves looking to make a quick score. The biggest problem arises from card-not-present (CNP) transactions that make up a large chunk of the activity for the travel and hospitality sector, with most vacationers booking their trips online or over the phone.

This is where Neustar Risk Solutions come in, giving you the authoritative customer and digital identity tools to flag suspicious activity, unobtrusively in the beginning of the payment process, so that more valid payments go through and you're not left holding the bag on a chargeback. Neustar IP Intelligence is also a valuable resource for travel operators, as it can verify a customer's identity through our IP GeoPoint service that has decisioning data on 99.99% of the world's routable IP addresses.

Instantly identify and authenticate inbound callers, for both sales and service, to improve call efficiency and reduce customer friction, while also mitigating fraud by analyzing for common phone fraud tactics. And if you're making outbound consumer calls and texts, you can ensure you remain compliant with rules and regulation about contacting consumers on mobile devices with our TCPA Verification solution, which uses real-time data for the ultimate in trusted accuracy.


Telecommunications & Technology

When you need to know where your online users and customers are located, rely on IP Intelligence.

In the modern online experience, companies are striving to find a balance between providing seamless customer interactions while also maintaining security, fraud prevention and data privacy. Communication service providers and technology companies have a tremendous responsibility in safeguarding their customers' information in an increasingly social and mobile environment while guarding against online fraud activity. One of the most effective tools to combat fraud is detecting suspicious activity the moment it happens and IP addresses provide a wealth of data in identifying who is initiating an activity and where it is coming from.

Neustar IP GeoPoint collects more than 40 IP address attributes including latitude/longitude, time zone, ISP host, designated market area (DMA) code and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) code. We assign a confidence factor (CF) to each location attribute that indicates the trustworthiness or accuracy of the data. Neustar IP Reputation focuses exclusively on scoring the risk of an IP address, including the likelihood that an IP address is being controlled by a machine or automated agent rather than a real person. And if you're a content provider, Neustar Geo-Authentication sets up an IP “fence” for your copyrighted or restricted media so it doesn't get distributed into areas where it's not allowed.