Neustar’s IP GeoPoint database is the authoritative source of IP decisioning data on 99.99% of routable IP addresses worldwide.

With Neustar’s proprietary global data collection network which is curated by a team of Network Geography Analysts (NGAs), if a decision is made to deliver digital media to a user, block user access to a site or content, or tag an IP address with a history of fraud or risk, customers can be sure that decision will be made using the most accurate IP geolocation, IP ownership and IP routing data available in the market.

Dedicated Professional Service to Help You Maximize Results

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers assist with the implementation of your IP GeoPoint data, keep you posted on product upgrades and answer all your account related questions.

And you can count on our Professional Services Experts for in-depth technical support on a pre- and post-sale basis. They’ll help you integrate IP GeoPoint data into your applications and derive analytics-based insights to improve your operations.


IP GeoPoint Packages for the Enterprise

Choose the IP GeoPoint Enterprise package that meets your needs

  Bronze Silver Gold
Continent Yes Yes Yes
Country Yes Yes Yes
Country Code Yes Yes Yes
Region Yes Yes Yes
State Yes Yes Yes
State Code Yes Yes Yes
City Yes Yes Yes
Postal Code Yes Yes Yes
Area Code Yes Yes Yes
Time Zone Yes Yes Yes
Latitude Yes Yes Yes
Longitude Yes Yes Yes
Country Confidence Factor Yes Yes Yes
State Confidence Factor Yes Yes Yes
City Confidence Factor Yes Yes Yes
Region Reference ID Yes Yes Yes
State Reference ID Yes Yes Yes
City Reference ID Yes Yes Yes
Geonames ID Yes Yes Yes
US Defined Market/Metro Area (DMA) Yes Yes Yes
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Yes Yes Yes
Network Characteristics
Connection Type Yes Yes Yes
Line Speed Yes Yes Yes
IP Routing Type Yes Yes Yes
Autonomous System Number (ASN)   Yes Yes
Second Level Domain (SLD)   Yes Yes
Top Level Domain (TLD)   Yes Yes
Registering Organization   Yes Yes
Carrier   Yes Yes
Premium Network Characteristics
Anonymizer Status     Yes
Hosting Facility     Yes
Proxy Last Detected     Yes
Proxy Type     Yes
Proxy Level     Yes

Custom IP GeoPoint

Neustar Custom IP GeoPoint® enriches IP address intelligence data beyond the capabilities of standard IP-geolocation data used in fraud prevention, threat intelligence, streaming media distribution and digital marketing platforms.

Neustar’s data scientists and implementation experts work with you to conduct an analysis of your current environment, understand your goals and objectives and then work with you to optimize the custom IP GeoPoint data set to ensure it meets your needs. A robust configuration engine allows you to tailor your geolocation data and to input your own traffic and transactional data in order to fine tune your IP data to meet your specific needs.

Custom IP GeoPoint offers:

  • Custom IP Address-geolocation based feeds based on your various needs which may include:
    • Identifying IP Address most likely to be associated to client household for Over The Top (OTT) content protection enforcement
    • Noting patterns of Internet usage by clients to identify fraud
    • Combining Neustar’s IP data with OneID data to dive deeper into preventing Registration Fraud or Account Takeover activities
  • Advanced location and data filtering by combining Customer supplied data with Neustar’s IP GeoPoint data
  • Strict adherence to Customer privacy guidelines and dedicated data pipeline that ensure Customer data remains secure

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