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Fraud Prevention Solution Guide

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses must walk a fine line between streamlining customer experiences and preventing fraud. Customers expect interactions to be fast and easy on every device. Slow them down and they’ll go elsewhere. But fail to properly authenticate them, and fraudulent activity skyrockets.

Neustar Fraud Prevention enables you to know exactly who you are doing business with across mobile and online channels so that you can create trusted interactions in today’s connected world.

By combining the industry’s most extensive authoritative offline customer data with online device data, Neustar authenticates every identity in real time, enabling you to distinguish customers from fraudsters.

How Fraud Prevention Works

Neustar Fraud Prevention uses extensive offline and online data available from the Neustar OneID® System to connect people, places, and devices. The OneID System creates a single customer identity by linking more than 200 real-time, corroborated data sources, like IP addresses, email addresses, home and business addresses, landline, VoIP, mobile phone data, device fingerprint data, and online advertising IDs.

Working behind the scenes, OneID identifies your unique customers when they’re creating a new account, logging into an existing account, or accessing customer support. It confirms data connections and enables you to instantly flag any issues at the point of interaction.

Thanks to Neustar Fraud Prevention, you can find the right balance between reducing fraud and eliminating friction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction by Streamlining Transactions

Neustar prevents customer attrition due to excessive new account registration friction across various customer touchpoints.

  • Authoritatively identify customers by eliminating additional verification requirements.
  • Account access, updates and changes are not slowed down by secondary verifications.
  • Transactions are fast and safe with transparent customer verification.

Protect Your Bottom Line by Reducing Fraud

Neustar enables you to seamlessly connect the dots across all interactions and channels, protecting you from losses, bad publicity, and customer identity theft.

  • Revenue losses from fraudulent account creation, changes, and transactions are greatly reduced.
  • The creation of false accounts using identity theft is avoided, thereby significantly decreasing any chance of adverse publicity.
  • Fraudsters are prevented from taking over existing customer accounts.

Increase Staff Efficiency by Avoiding Interventions

With Neustar your decision making process is enhanced, enabling you to quickly distinguish customers from fraudsters.

  • Fewer transactions are held up by false positives.
  • Transactions requiring manual employee intervention are practically eliminated, freeing them to perform more complex tasks.
  • The need for 3rd party credit checks is reduced, which saves processing cost.

Reducing Risk in a Connected World

Use Cases

In today’s business climate, it is critical to distinguish customers from fraudsters regardless of channel – mobile device, tablet or computer – whenever they interact with a Neustar client.

The OneID System links hundreds of real-time online and offline data sources to identify customers across the following use cases:

  • Fraudulent Account Origination
  • Account Takeovers
  • Fraudulent Online Transactions
  • Mobile Wallet Provisioning
  • Interaction Friction
  • Contact Center Efficiency

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