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How Does Trusted Identity Help Prevent Identity Fraud and Reduce Customer Friction?

Watch Our Webinar to See How We Connect The Offline and Online Worlds to Prevent Identity Fraud and Why It's So Effective


In the past several years, we have seen a slew of breaches, hacks and data theft. With every successful cyber attack, the black market for personally identifiable information (PII) grows, widening the pool for malicious actors to buy stolen identities and engage in identity theft and mobile and online fraud. These crimes directly affect financial institutions' bottom line, causing millions of dollars in credit losses, plus the indirect loss stemming from wasted collections efforts and a drop employee productivity. Stopping this fraud without adding friction requires a unique approach. Learn how Fortune 500 companies leverage trusted identities by connecting offline consumer identities to online and mobile identities so they can conduct transactions that deliver frictionless customer experiences, while also mitigating identity fraud.

This web seminar will cover the following:

  • Review the driving factors behind online and mobile account origination and account takeover fraud trends
  • Understand how connecting offline, online and mobile identities can deliver frictionless customer experiences.
  • Learn how using authoritative offline customer data combined with digital online and mobile identities can create trusted transactions that, mitigate fraud.
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